New Virginia Poll Indicates Good News for GOP’s Glenn Youngkin


Republican Glenn Youngkin is running against Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial election. This upcoming Tuesday, the country will learn whether or not Virginia chooses to elect a Republican governor or stick with the Democrat leadership they’ve had for years on end.

Very recently, McAuliffe was just found out for using phony websites to peddle disinformation about his opponent. The Democrat is so threatened by Youngkin that he’s restored to sneaky, underhanded tactics.

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On top of this, McAuliffe’s managed to get nationally known Democrats to campaign for him in Virginia. Despite pulling out all the stops in these manners, a fresh poll is indicating Youngkin could very well be Virginia’s next governor, per Newsmax.

A Closer Look at the Fox News Poll

Per the Fox News poll covering the Virginia gubernatorial election, Youngkin comes in at 53%, with McAuliffe trailing the GOP candidate at 45%. This marks a mild decrease in support for McAuliffe and a massive jump for Youngkin, seeing as a previous poll showed both candidates deadlocked at 46%.

Republicans across the nation are cheering Youngkin on, hoping he will break Democrats’ winning streak in Virginia, come this Tuesday. Democrats like poll analyst Chris Anderson maintain that “something big” would need to occur in order to ramp up enthusiasm levels for McAuliffe.

This poll also comes after Youngkin and McAuliffe clashed on a key issue involving schooling and education. Youngkin has consistently maintained that parents are within their rights to involve themselves in conversations with school boards regarding the curriculums taught to their kids.

Meanwhile, during a debate weeks back, McAuliffe arrogantly declared parents don’t have the right to tell school boards what should and should not be taught to their kids. Many people have speculated this comment hurt the Virginia Democrat with suburban parents.

Optimism from the Youngkin Campaign

At this point in time, the Youngkin campaign remains very optimistic. In interviews, the Republican gubernatorial candidate says low taxes, good schools, public safety, and more are values that resonate with Virginians.

There are even reports of Youngkin getting some crossover support from Democrats, largely driven by McAuliffe’s comments on parents’ appropriate levels of involvement in their kids’ education.

If Youngkin does manage to win the Virginia governorship next week, it will be a major win for Republicans across the nation. On Thursday, former Vice President Mike Pence spoke in Virgina about the importance of schools and education at large.

Many Virginia residents have already voted on who they want to be their next governor. Time will ultimately show America the final outcome of this race.

Who do you think will become the next governor of Virginia? Do you think Glenn Youngkin will defeat Terry McAuliffe and ascend to the governor’s mansion? We’d like to read your predictions in the comments section below.