New York City Mayor Forcing Tiny Kids to Wear Face Masks

New York City Mayor Eric Adams hasn’t done so well since being sworn into office back in January. On the Democrat’s watch, crime continues to be a real thorn in the side of New Yorkers.

During his time as a mayoral candidate, Adams repeatedly asserted that his decades of work as a police officer gave him the necessary tools to eradicate crime from New York City. Thus far, crime still remains very much present. 

On Friday, Mayor Adams announced that New York City is pulling back the Key to NYC Pass program that required individuals to show proof of vaccination in order to access most indoor establishments.

The mayor also announced that while adults will no longer be mandated by the state government to wear face coverings, kids who are five years old and younger will have to continue wearing masks since they’re ineligible for COVID vaccines.

Adams’ decision to force small kids to wear face masks has not gone over well at all with the public, as covered by Twitchy.

New York City’s Policy of Masks for Kids Five and Younger

Mayor Adams’ justification of mandatory masking for kids five and under due to COVID vaccine ineligibility for this age range isn’t alleviating backlash.

Critics have noted that such a measure is ineffective, in addition to pointing out how other countries aren’t force-masking their youngest kids like this.

Meanwhile, various social media users sounded off against the New York City mayor, with some folks even claiming they now regret voting for Adams.

The masking of young children is increasingly controversial as various reports indicate that masks can interfere with their learning abilities.

No Visible End to Forced Masking of Small Kids

While today marks the end of New York City’s vaccine passport program and certain mask mandates, the mayor hasn’t announced when kids five and under won’t be required to don face coverings.

Time and time again, science has shown that small kids are considerably less vulnerable to COVID than adults and elderly people.

Therefore, this notion of making very tiny kids wear these masks all the time just doesn’t make any sense. In fact, it can often cause emotional distress for children who don’t understand why these masks are on their faces.

This is something that’s happened time and time again in various schools across the country that have forced small kids into masks.

Quite frankly, there’s no telling just how much damage Mayor Adams will do by making these young children cover their faces. This certainly isn’t an edict backed by scientific data whatsoever.

What do you think about the left-wing mayor of New York City forcing small kids to wear face coverings without a shred of supportive science to back this up? Please let us know where you stand in the comments area.