New York Man Faces Years in Prison Over Threats Against Rep. Marjorie Greene

America’s political culture has gotten exceedingly more polarizing and hostile in current times. More people are deeming those who disagree with them on politics to be the enemy, rather than just reasonable folks with differences of opinion.

As things stand today, there’s no telling what it will take to turn down the frenzied temperature. When Joe Biden became president, he made all these grand promises about easing divides between Republicans and Democrats.

Yet, Biden also routinely bashes Republicans, notably pro-Trump Republicans, when doing so benefits him or his party.

Since Biden’s time in office, some polls have indicated that fewer Americans see political violence as problematic; although there are more folks across the country who anticipate a civil war potentially breaking out within the next decade.

Now, one man is facing years of incarceration after making violent, unhinged threats against GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, according to The Gateway Pundit.

A Closer Look at What Happened

51-year-old Joseph Morelli is the New Yorker who threatened to make Greene see “what violence truly is.” Morelli made this comment in various voice messages he left for the Republican congresswoman.

Other threats from the man included telling Greene he’d hire someone to break open her skull and “take [her] life into [his] hands.”

Of course, threatening a government official like this is both immoral and illegal. Others before Morelli have done it and found themselves hit with serious legal consequences as well.

Because of the New York man’s threats, he could spend as many as five years behind bars. Per court filings, when Morelli left these menacing voice messages for Greene, he also plainly gave away his identity.

A Growing Problem in US Society

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have found themselves being threatened by disgruntled Americans who typically disagree with their politics.

During last year’s controversy regarding Roe v. Wade, a man from California was arrested for showing up outside of the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The man in question was also carrying on his person different weapons and tools designed for restraint.

Unfortunately, as the political climate gets nastier and more divisive, unhinged, unstable characters may feel emboldened to lash out with various threats.

Anyone who chooses to do what Morelli did should be held fully accountable. The weeks ahead will reveal what Morelli’s sentencing looks like and whether or not this deters other individuals from choosing a similar course of action.

Are you concerned about the rise of threats against members of Congress? Do you believe this problem is going to get better or worse as time passes? In the comments section below, you are more than welcome to let us know your thoughts.