New York Times Accuses Democrats of Damaging Latino Culture

For decades, Democrats have carried around the view that they are owed votes from racial minorities in the United States. The Democrat Party views the minority vote as something it already has in the bag, rather than something that must be earned.

As time passes and as left-wing policies get more chaotic and destructive, Democrats are losing support and votes from minorities. Furthermore, there are many people of color who bear offense to Democrats taking their votes for granted.

When leftists aren’t viewing themselves as entitled to votes from minorities, they’re throwing around the race card and falsely accusing Republicans of racism.

This is a game Democrats have been playing for quite some time; although, as of late, it’s amounting to nothing more than an abject failure.

Even the New York Times has now called out Democrats on this, as Breitbart News reports.

The Downfall of Left-wing Hubris

In a recent piece, the New York Times held Democrats’ feet to the fire for bringing ruin to Latino culture in the United States. This latest take from the left-wing outlet comes as growing numbers of Latinos and Hispanics vote for Republicans.

Latino support for President Trump was referenced by the New York Times as an example; however, the paper also conceded that Democrats were gradually losing Latino support long before Trump involved himself in politics.

Additional points from the New York Times assert that in communities like Rio Grande Valley, Texas, the GOP is picking up many more voters than the Texas Democrat Party.

With Democrats losing support from Hispanics and Latinos, this poses a major problem for the left. Democrats have already begun losing support from rural Americans, working-class white voters, and black voters.

It seems the more that Americans get a taste of left-wing leadership, the more they arrive at the conclusion that Republicans are a better fit for public office.

Rhetoric vs. Reality

Left-wing rhetoric consistently asserts that Democrats are the party of minorities and the strongest supporters of people of color.

Meanwhile, the reality of left-wing policies tells a different story. With Biden in office, unemployment has significantly increased, especially for black Americans.

However, when Trump was in the White House, employment rates rose across the board for black people, women, and other Americans across the country.

The lockdowns, businesses closures, and other restrictions Democrats have been in favor of for years on end have correspondingly been very damaging to minorities across the nation.

At the end of the day, Democrats can say whatever they want to try and scoop up votes; however, reality is always going to carry a stronger impact than political rhetoric.

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