New York’s Official Documents Will Soon Have an “X” Gender Choice

The rise in debates about pronouns, gender identity, and other related topics is not going away. There’s been a trend in people deciding they “identify” as non-binary, gender-neutral, and other things that divert from the two genders of female and male.

Some people may see this as little more than social media fads. However, it’s starting to have very real consequences in society.

There are some people who demand that others use their “preferred pronouns.” Back in 2018, a Virginia schoolteacher actually lost his job after refusing to use the desired pronouns of a student.

Now, in New York, an “X” option is coming for people to select on their official documents, according to Newsmax.

Going Down the Rabbithole

During the latter half of next month, New York residents will be able to select “X” for their gender on birth certificates, state ID cards, driver’s licenses, and other formal documentation.

New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul recently made this announcement, stating everyone deserves to be able to have their chosen gender identity on their official documentation.

This all comes as part of the state’s Gender Recognition Act. The new change will begin on Friday, June 24.

Democrats in New York have praised the success of the Gender Recognition Act. Like the governor in the Empire State, Democrats believe an “X” option on individuals’ official documentation shows respect for their needs.

New York Democrats have also cited this as a perceived countermeasure to “attacks” directed toward people who are transgender or consider themselves as “queer.”

Reactions From the General Public

Some Americans have pushed back against New York allowing “X” to be used as gender on official documentation. Certain views argue this is unnecessary or even ridiculous, given that there is no “X” biological gender.

Other questions have come up about the long-term ramifications of the Gender Recognition Act. Folks are raising inquiries about what holders of gender X IDs will do if they go to certain places that don’t accept ID without an F or M for female or male.

New York has a lot of other issues it could be focusing on, rather than making this type of change to documentation. The state continues to suffer from high crime rates, unaffordable living costs, expensive taxes, and more.

Last year, New York was at the top of the list of states where people actually moved out. Ultimately, it remains to be seen what the long-term effects of the Gender Recognition Act will be.

What do you think about the state of New York allowing its residents to choose “X” as a gender marker on their ID cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, along with other formal documents?

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