Newsom’s $75 Million Handout to Illegals Faces Lawsuit

Newsom's $75 Million Handout to Illegals Faces Lawsuit

( – Last week we told you about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s genius plan to give millions in taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens in the state. As expected, the plan isn’t sitting too well with some people. Now, the Liberal governor is being sued for his decision.

The Center for American Liberty filed a petition with the California Supreme Court asking for an emergency stay on the $75 million order. The plaintiffs, Jessica Martinez and Ricardo Benitez, argue illegal aliens can’t receive unemployment under federal and state law. That means Newsom’s order using tax dollars is an improper gift.

Citizens are happy to see someone standing up to the governor.

Another person pointed to the neglect of the American homeless and wondered why Newsom is ignoring them.

How Newsom thought he could get away with something like this is mindblowing. Millions of Americans are without jobs, but he wants to throw money at people who shouldn’t even be here? Shameful.

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