Nikki Haley Sounds Off Against Red Flag Laws

Recent years have seen a growing push from the gun control movement to crack down on Americans’ Second Amendment rights. For some time, gun control activists put pressure on credit card companies to change how they categorize firearm purchases.

At first, credit card companies gave in. However, these same companies walked back the decision after being made aware by Republicans that this would open them up to potential legal issues.

With gun control activists failing to win this route, they’ve now turned to implement other measures, such as red flag laws and more comparable restrictions.

This is something that 2024 GOP contender Nikki Haley is sounding off against, as reported by Breitbart News.

A Clear Message

During a CNN town hall event earlier this month, Haley warned the government isn’t to be trusted when it comes to red flag laws.

The former governor of South Carolina explained that empowering the government with red flag laws opens the door to this very same government revoking lawful Americans’ right to bear arms.

Later during the CNN town hall, Haley stressed that the best way to crack down on crime involving the use of guns is removing illegal firearms from the streets, in addition to taking mental health more seriously.

Democrats Melt Down

It didn’t take long for gun control activists and others on the left to release their outrage with Haley’s comments on social media.

Democrats predictably accused her of not caring about mass shootings and putting guns over people. These are the typical talking points that the left uses against anyone who raises concerns about mental health or otherwise opposes heavy gun restrictions.

In recent years, more Americans have purchased firearms as a means to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property. Therefore, the left-wing narrative that only more gun control will suffice isn’t likely to go over well with voters in 2024.