Nine GOP Lawmakers Step Up for House Speaker Race Amidst Internal Party Strife

The race for the position of House Speaker has taken an unexpected turn as nine GOP representatives threw their hats into the ring. This development comes in the wake of a revolt by a faction within the party, known as RINOs, against Jim Jordan.

The House Majority Whip, Tom Emmer, is among the nine candidates vying for the position. Emmer, who hails from Minnesota, received an endorsement from former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy was ousted from his position earlier this month in a 216-210 vote, with eight Republicans voting against him. McCarthy’s endorsement of Emmer came after 25 RINOs voted against Jim Jordan in the third ballot for House Speaker.

Other notable candidates include Republican Conference Vice Chair Mike Johnson, RSC Chair Kevin Hern from Oklahoma, and Representatives Byron Donalds from Florida, Austin Scott from Georgia, Jack Bergman from Michigan, Pete Sessions from Texas, Gary Palmer from Alabama, and Dan Meuser from Pennsylvania.

Jim Jordan, who was initially a strong contender for the position, failed to secure the necessary 217 votes on the first ballot. 20 GOP representatives voted against him. In the second round of voting, Jordan fell short again, with 22 Republicans voting against him.

By Friday, Republicans voted 112-86 in a secret ballot to oust Jordan.

Tom Emmer, despite being endorsed by McCarthy, faces opposition from former President Trump. Trump reportedly told close allies he will not support Emmer’s bid for Speaker of the House.

Emmer was formerly a paid spokesman for The National Popular Vote initiative, an organization funded by George Soros.

The House of Representatives has been without a Speaker for more than two weeks following a motion filed by Matt Gaetz to vacate the chair. This internal strife within the GOP and the subsequent Speaker race is indicative of the party’s struggle to unite under a single leadership.

As the GOP grapples with its internal dynamics, the race for House Speaker continues to heat up. The outcome of this race will not only determine the new Speaker, but also set the tone for the party’s future direction and unity.