North Carolina GOP Scores a New Win With Pro-life Legislation

Since last year’s overturn of Roe v. Wade, states have been given the power to make their own rules when it comes to abortion.

We’ve seen blue states vow to make abortion more accessible. Some Democrat-run states are even openly advertising that women who seek abortions should come to them for services.

Meanwhile, many red states are moving to further restrict abortion, some of which had trigger laws pending, ahead of Roe’s overturn.

In North Carolina, GOP state lawmakers ultimately clashed with the Democratic governor over a new pro-life bill. However, Republicans walked away with the win, as reported by The Blaze.

What to Know About North Carolina’s New Abortion Bill

Before Republicans passed new pro-life legislation, North Carolina permitted abortion up until 20 weeks. In some cases, it was allowed 24 weeks into pregnancy.

However, the new law passed by the state legislature, despite Gov. Cooper’s objection, now outlaws abortion after 12 weeks. Cooper attempted to veto this bill; though, his veto was overridden by Republicans in the state legislature.

Many Republicans have heralded this as a win, given the national unpopularity that surrounds late-term abortions. Democrats, of course, are not happy with the fact that Cooper actually wasn’t able to win this round.

Stay Tuned For More

Americans can expect more states to make various amendments to the abortion laws they have on the books. Of course, the amendments will largely be determined by the political leanings of state legislatures and the governors in office.

Throughout the 2024 presidential election, Democrats can also be expected to use the issue of abortion to try to secure votes. This is exactly what the left did throughout the 2022 midterms.

This is already an issue that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are leaning into, as they recently announced their intentions to seek yet another term in the White House.