North Carolina Takes Action Against Woke Culture

In the United States, growing culture wars are having increasing impacts on Americans from all walks of life. These culture wars are also centering around more and more institutions that determine how we live, what we learn, and what people are given exposure to.

This is especially true when it comes to education in America. This pertains to not just the education of children, but also the education of young adults who attend various colleges and universities.

With growing culture wars impacting education, both sides are increasingly clashing with one another and becoming divided. Various institutions are having to also make their own decisions about what’s appropriate and what’s better left unapproved.

As for the University of North Carolina, it’s already made a major decision that’s dominating headlines, according to Fox News.

A Clear Decision

The University of North Carolina is opting to do away with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) measures that impact hiring choices, admissions, and other faculty matters.

Critics of DEI have warned that such measures interfere with various decisions being made based on merit. Instead, DEI puts a greater focus on checking off various demographic boxes, rather than choosing the best candidate for the job.

Naturally, this decision by the University of North Carolina has its supporters and critics. People who agree with the decision warn that it’s what’s best and fair for all parties involved. However, critics maintain that DEI is warranted to ensure that certain people get a fair shake.

Ultimately, the choice made by the University of North Carolina shows that hiring choices, admissions, and other matters will be made based on merit, rather than checking off quota boxes.

What Comes Next?

Other institutions that have adopted DEI as a metric for decision-making could very well walk back this choice as well. Right now, it remains to be seen if the University of North Carolina’s decision has a broader impact outside of its own institution.

On social media, folks who agree and disagree with the choice have each been vocal about their viewpoints. However, since the decision by the University of North Carolina was made during a vote at its Board of Governors meeting, the likelihood of a reversal is slim to none.

People who disagree with this decision have every right to receive higher education elsewhere. However, it’s clear what the University of North Carolina is going to be doing going forward.

Do you agree with the University of North Carolina’s decision to move away from DEI? Do you believe other colleges and universities should also only make their decisions based on merit and qualifications?

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