NYC Mayor Rolling Out the Red Carpet For Illegal Immigrants

America continues to collectively suffer because of the permissive attitude Democrats have adopted toward illegal immigration. This attitude is attracting migrants to the border in large numbers, while also leaving Border Patrol officials wholly ill-equipped to handle the surge.

The end result of this has been states on the border giving migrants transit to sanctuary cities. Democrats, of course, haven’t reacted well to this; yet, they still won’t embrace policies that would drive down the number of unlawful border crossings.

In the case of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, he’s working to further roll out the red carpet for folks who illegally enter the United States, according to the New York Post.

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Earlier this week, Adams said he wants New York City locales with “spare rooms” to extend their doors to illegal immigrants. The Democratic mayor stressed that people are struggling economically and in need of help.

Since making this announcement, Adams hasn’t weighed in on whether he personally is willing to open his own home to illegal immigrants. Though amid floating the plan of paying New Yorkers to house migrants, there are so many parts of this that have to be addressed.

The potential safety hazard is one factor. Likewise, there’s the question of how much the city would be willing to pay individuals to house migrants.

No Real Solution to Illegal Immigration

Even if the New York City mayor were to somehow get each resident to open their door to a migrant, it still wouldn’t be enough. At the end of the day, if people believe they’re going to be rewarded for breaking our country’s immigration laws, they’re just going to keep coming.

This is why a real solution to end illegal immigration, rather than just papering over the issue, is so very critical.