NYPD’s Bold Move Against Illegal Mopeds Sparks Chaos at Migrant Shelter

In a daring operation, the New York Police Department (NYPD) recently took action against unregistered mopeds at a migrant men’s shelter in East Williamsburg.

The incident, which occurred on an early Thursday morning, resulted in six arrests and a chaotic scene that has since sparked a heated debate.

The NYPD officers descended upon the men’s migrant shelter located at 455 Jefferson Street around 7:50 a.m., following numerous complaints about illegally parked mopeds, scooters, and bikes in the area.

The operation was part of a targeted crackdown aimed at addressing these community grievances. However, the situation quickly escalated as officers began confiscating vehicles, leading to physical confrontations and a total of six arrests.

Among those arrested were three illegal immigrants – Luis Panta Marquez, 22; Victor Rodriguez, 25; and Wuilliam Borges-Mendez, 26.

These individuals now face charges of assaulting an officer among other crimes, according to law enforcement sources.

The other three detainees, Wael Mohamed, 19; Gilbert Jose Veliz Fernandez, 21; and Jose Eduardo Delgado Martinez, 25, were charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. All six individuals reside in the same six-story shelter complex situated near the Queens border.

Cellphone footage acquired by The Post showcases a chaotic scene. Officers are seen grappling with men, some of whom are desperately trying to prevent their bikes and scooters from being seized.

In one video clip, officers can be heard shouting, “Get back! Get the f–k back!” as men throw objects at them. One officer deploys a Taser to subdue the escalating situation.

However, the NYPD’s actions have not been without criticism. Councilwoman Jen Gutiérrez, representing Bushwick, slammed Mayor Eric Adams and the raid.

She argued the mayor cannot claim to care about migrants while simultaneously targeting their shelters in this manner. Gutiérrez emphasized the importance of informal jobs in helping these individuals get back on their feet.

Adding to the controversy, a migrant named Meron revealed that they were not allowed to park behind the building where there is bike parking. He also mentioned that some of the men were unaware that they needed a license for the mopeds.

“In Africa, where we come from, we don’t get license for a small bike,” he said. “When we buy the bike they know we are asylum seekers – and they don’t tell you get license. The problem is from them, not us.”

This incident highlights the complex issues surrounding immigration and law enforcement.