NY’s Mail-in Primary: Why no Result After 6 Weeks?


The New York vote-by-mail primary is turning into the perfect example of why Trump is right to oppose such a method of voting. The logistics of the primary can only be described as a debacle, the June 23 vote is still incomplete after six weeks. Thousands of disqualified ballots are still piling up.

The New York primary was characterized by many close races. Due to the pandemic, election officials relied heavily on mail-in ballots, but were ill-prepared for the response, with ten times as many such ballots being sent in than usual, about 400,000.

Dry run for national election sees mass disenfranchisement through mail-in voting

Even after six weeks, two tight races for Congress still have no result. An error regarding the pre-paid return envelope sent out with mail-in ballots resulted in many wrongfully disqualified votes. The number could be in the thousands.

Other ballots were sent out too late, on the day before they were due, making it impossible for those votes to be counted. Thousands of other ballots have been disqualified for minor errors. Voting in person not only has the benefit of requiring ID to be presented, but it also means you have election officials to help you do it right.

There are enemies at home and abroad who would like to see American democracy discredited. Extrapolate the fiasco of this primary to the nation-wide election. At six weeks, the vote tallies would barely meet the deadline for the electoral college. There will likely be plenty of contested congressional elections, especially in swing states. This could turn into Florida 2000 times five or six, not what the country needs, especially right now.

Alarmingly, New York isn’t alone. Pennsylvania had similar problems in its primary. Mail-in ballots jumped from about a sixth of the total to half.

About 37,000 could not be counted because they arrived late, were lost, or due to other errors. For context, Trump beat Clinton in Pennsylvania by about 40,000 votes. At such a rate, in a national election, 4.7 million voters can expect to have their voices stolen.

Despite the numbers, Dems push hard for mail-in ballots

The Democrats are all for it. House Speaker Pelosi is pushing hard for mail-in voting.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Pelosi went on the attack over the issue, saying, “I know that Republicans know how to do mail-in voting,” Pelosi said.

If we can riot in the Pacific Northwest for two and a half months and shop at Walmart, we can vote in person with our IDs. Even without overt fraud, the system has too many vulnerabilities to be toyed with. Democracy must be treated as something fragile and sacred.