Ohio Makes Necessary Updates to State Voter Rolls

Since the 2020 presidential election, there’s been quite a bit of talk about election integrity. After massive claims of irregularity, voter fraud, and other issues in 2020, there is an intense push to ensure that none of this happens in any future elections.

A huge part of election integrity involves making sure that the only votes cast are legal and eligible votes. In many cases, this means cleaning up voter rolls and not allowing dead people or nonresidents to remain on these rolls.

Democrats and leftists want Americans to believe that any and all talk about election integrity is grounded in a racist push to stop people of color from voting in America. This is as untrue as it is ridiculous.

As Americans continue to have conversations about election integrity and pass the appropriate legislation, the state of Ohio is making necessary updates to its voter rolls, confirms the Epoch Times.

A Closer Look at Updates to Ohio’s Voter Rolls

Days ago, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose explained the updates being made to Ohio’s voter rolls. These updates entail taking off inactive voters and voters who have moved out of state.

Ohio’s secretary of state furthermore confirmed that the updates necessitate removing from the rolls voters who have moved perhaps within the state, yet not re-registered with their new addresses.

Voters who are currently inactive, yet would like to remain on the voter rolls, have a series of options at their disposal. They can cast a ballot in any Ohio election over the next four years; inactive voters also have the choice of registering to vote, submitting a request for an absentee ballot, etc.

Starting in 2026, Ohio voters who fail to partake in any sort of voter activity may find themselves removed from the state’s voter rolls. During a report, LaRose explained that deserted and inactive voter registrations jeopardize Ohio’s election security and the ability for election workers to do their jobs.

Additional Measures to Ensure Election Integrity

There’s no denying that updating voter rolls is a critical aspect of ensuring election integrity. However, there are other appropriate and necessary measures as well.

Not mailing out unsolicited absentee ballots is another significant step. It is for this reason that multiple states to pass election security bills have required people to request absentee ballots if this is their preferred method of voting.

There is also the requirement for individuals seeking to vote absentee to show photo ID, just as any other voter would have to do. Predictably, Democrats are coming down hard on any and all measures designed to ensure election integrity.

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