Oregon to be Sued by State Business Owners for Property Damage

"Oregon National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Across the nation, blue states have consistently behaved in ways that are damaging their communities and the small business owners within them.

Now, if you listen to Democrat governors and other leftist leaders, they’ll claim to be acting on the behalf of collective health and safety from COVID-19.

Sadly though, the facts simply don’t bear this out. Just earlier this month, the Nashville mayor got caught colluding with the local health department to conceal from the public low coronavirus cases connected to bars and restaurants.

Many small business owners in America are getting tired of big government trampling on their livelihoods, freedoms, and liberties under the false guise of public health.

This is why Oregon will soon be sued by multiple business owners in the state for not covering the expenses triggered by Governor Kate Brown’s relentless shutdown, reports Washington Examiner.

What to Know About the Possible Lawsuit

Blush Salon & Spa, North Bend Lanes, and Wilsonville Family Fun Center are three small businesses which maintain that their Democrat governor’s shutdown caused their establishments to incur serious property destruction.

The three small businesses are each under joint legal representation from the Davis Wright Tremaine law firm. In a letter, John DiLorenzo, an attorney with the aforementioned law firm, stated that Brown’s lockdown prompted significant surges in unemployment.

Therefore, if the state declines to financially cover the damages that these businesses incurred from the governor’s shutdown, then a lawsuit will follow.

The Democrat governor has yet to respond to the letter, nor has she indicated any plans to compensate the businesses that have suffered financially due to her own edicts. As such, it’s very likely that Blush Salon & Spa, North Bend Lanes, and Wilsonville Family Fun Center will move forward with their lawsuit in the weeks to come.

Making Businesses Great Again

The three small business owners considering a lawsuit against the state of Oregon are far from the only ones hurt amid shutdowns.

According to predictions from national economists, much more unemployment awaits the nation later down the line, along with the permanent closure of more businesses. Over the summer, Americans did see a boom in job surges; however, this directly correlated with states lifting their lockdowns and allowing folks to get back to work.


The data is clear: shutdowns are killing jobs and livelihoods. At this point, many business owners believe that the leaders who have implemented these orders ought to be responsible for the subsequent damages caused.

Do you think Oregon should pay up for their harm that statewide shutdowns have wreaked upon businesses? Let us know in the comments section below!