Over 20 Million Americans Are Without Jobs

"Joe Biden" (Public Domain) by US Department of State

The unemployment rate in America is not good. Despite certain places across the country still reopening, the months and months of shutdowns in 2020 really hurt many Americans. Countless small businesses closed their doors for good and with the Biden administration in power, more challenges lie ahead.

“Joe Biden” (Public Domain) by US Department of State

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate has surged, rather than decreased under the 46th president. With a mere signature, Biden managed to systemically eliminate thousands of union jobs. Democrats and Republicans alike have called on Biden to reconsider his energy policies and restore Keystone XL pipeline. Thus far, Biden has refused.

Breitbart News now confirms that as congressional Democrats focus on impeachment proceedings against a former president, a grand total of more than 20 million Americans are out of work.

The Current Condition of Unemployment in the U.S.

Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, shared some troubling news about unemployment and the labor market yesterday. According to Powell, the legitimate rate of joblessness is much higher than reported; this means that 10%, instead of 6.4%, is the accurate rate.

In light of these details, the Federal Reserve chairman is calling for a systemic, “society-wide” move to restore the economy and labor market to their previous conditions before COVID-19 and shutdowns arrived.

The numbers are bleak. Right now, 5.1 million U.S. citizens rely upon jobless benefits from their respective states. Another 8.7 million are beneficiaries of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. An additional 4.8 million depend on the Pandemic Emergency program, with 1.6 million Americans receiving extended benefits.

Meanwhile in Congress

Amid mass records of joblessness and reliance upon government-run programs, Congress’ priorities are in an entirely different direction.

In real time, Democrats in the House and Senate are caught up in an impeachment trial of a president who isn’t even in office anymore. Democrats in Washington also know that they lack the required votes to even convict Trump, yet still, they persist.

Republicans and others have called out the left for prioritizing another partisan impeachment instead of focusing on rebuilding the economy. The current Democrat president is hurting the economy with his energy-related executive orders and other policies; yet, nothing is happening to stop this.

It is abundantly plain at this point that the priorities of Congress are misaligned with the needs of the American people and the nation at large.

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