Over 70% of Americans Want More US Energy Production

The supply of energy in the United States goes hand in hand with the prices Americans are going to have to pay.

During the four years of the Trump administration, gas prices were low and energy production here in America was thriving.

Americans under Trump paid merely a sliver of what they’re paying now with Biden in power and with his anti-energy production measures activated.

If America doesn’t seriously increase energy production here in the United States, the prices of gas aren’t going to get any lower. In fact, just this week, the White House forecasted that gas prices are going to continue to rise.

Amid all this, the Biden administration wants Americans to think they’re looking for solutions. Yet, as documented by Breitbart News, the overwhelming majority of people in this country view the solution as heightened domestic energy production.

The Prevailing View on Domestic Energy Production

According to a new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group, over 77% of Americans believe the president needs to focus on increasing energy production in America, due to the ongoing war in Europe.

This is the dominant view across multiple partisan groups as well. Over 88% of Republicans agree, as do more than 77% of Independents and 67% of Democrats.

The situation with gas prices has spiraled out of control to a point where the Biden administration can no longer pretend as though calls for US energy production are just radical right-wing talking points.

This new poll from Trafalgar Group likewise indicates most Americans aren’t falling for the untruth that Biden’s policies aren’t standing against domestic energy production.

If this were the case, then fracking, oil drilling, and pipelines like Keystone XL and Mountain Valley would be completely in effect.

Biden has also consistently accused oil and gas companies of deliberate price gouging, along with faulting Putin for energy prices in the United States.

Putting America First

At the end of the day, increasing energy production in the United States is a vital part of putting this country first. Unfortunately, this is yet another area where the Biden administration has fallen short.

Instead, the president has been trying to contact nations like Iran for oil, thus triggering the outrage of the American public.

Many people across the nation are eager to understand why this White House is so against oil drilling and pipelines here at home, while being so open to taking oil from nations that open call for America’s demise.

Do you agree with the over seven in ten Americans who want to see more energy produced here in the United States? When do you think America will be energy independent again? Please don’t hold back your thoughts, forecasts, and views in the comments area.