Parler Brings Fresh Lawsuit Against Amazon

"Internet Law" (CC BY 2.0) by Visual Content

Parler has gone through quite a journey in 2021 alone. Following the January insurrection at the United States Capitol, Amazon pulled its web hosting services from the free speech site. In doing so, Amazon alleged that Parler violated terms of service by failing to implement the appropriate content moderation policies.

For weeks, Parler remained shut down as they worked to come back from Amazon, Google, and Apple blacklisting them. Last month, Parler officially came online again, much to the happiness of conservatives and others who use the platform.

On Wednesday, Americans learned from Newsmax that Parler is launching a fresh lawsuit against Amazon.

Parler vs. Amazon 2.0

After Amazon banned Parler from its web hosting services, the free speech site brought a lawsuit against Amazon, only to later drop it. News broke this week of Parler dropping the lawsuit, but yesterday, the nation found out that Parler’s legal action against Amazon isn’t over just yet.

In Parler’s current lawsuit against Amazon, they accuse the tech giant company of attempting to destroy their business. In keeping with this claim, Parler is furthermore seeking anticompetitive conduct damages.

Moreover, Amazon is accused of breaching its contract by revoking web hosting services and making this decision for the purpose of benefiting Twitter. Since Parler’s inception, it’s long been dubbed as a competitor and more right-wing-friendly alternative to Twitter.

Pushback Against Cancel Culture

When Parler temporarily went offline in January, many anti-right critics openly expressed hope that it would mark the permanent end of the free speech site. This, in and of itself, is a form of cancel culture, something that’s facing increasingly more criticism as of late.

Time will tell what materializes from Parler’s lawsuit against Amazon. However, Parler has made it abundantly clear that they refuse to be bullied, shut down, or cancelled.

According to a recent poll, eight out of ten conservatives believe that cancel culture puts American freedoms in harm’s way. 48% of Democrats also expressed a similar sentiment. In the long run, “cancelling” a person or platform only shuts down free speech, debates, and different ideas.

The links between cancel culture and partisan divides have grown clearer in recent weeks and months; to many Americans, this simply makes cancel culture all the more insidious.

What is your view of Parler’s latest lawsuit against Amazon? Do you believe the free speech site will win in a court of law? Let us know your feedback and predictions in the comments section below.