Pelosi Claims Democrats Won’t Lose the House in 2022

Democrats are steadily and progressively ensuring their own demise. Their dismal leadership and its consequences continue to highlight to the American public why leftists have no place in power.

Look no further than inflation. President Biden is busy raging at the Florida governor over the state letting parents determine whether or not kids wear masks in schools; meanwhile, Biden is doing nothing to fix the inflation crisis that he engendered with ridiculous spending.

As the nation faces one problem after the other, Democrats are pushing for more of the same. Members of their party, like Rep. Cori Bush, are still trying to defund police; this comes amid rapid declines in public safety and the reality that Bush herself has security protecting her.

While Democrats continue to make utter fools of themselves, they appear more oblivious than ever. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for instance, believes that Democrats won’t lose the House of Representatives during next year’s midterm races, according to Fox News.

Pelosi on Democrats’ Chances in the 2022 Midterms

On Friday, the House Speaker conversed with the media regarding her party’s chances in the 2022 midterm elections. Pelosi stated her confidence has not waned in Democrats managing to keep the House of Representatives after the 2022 races.

Democrat congressional strategists don’t appear to share this view, however. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney has admitted as much in private. Rep. Maloney maintains that if Democrats don’t get better at promoting the current president’s agenda, they’re going to lose the midterms to Republicans.

Nevertheless, Pelosi put on a brave face for the public. The House Speaker also revealed on Friday that she is always one to “run from behind.” Pelosi’s projection of Democrat victories in the 2022 midterms also comes as multiple polls indicate otherwise.

Getting Pelosi Out of Power

Republicans winning back the House of Representatives is absolutely vital to getting Pelosi out of power. The current House Speaker is presently one of the least popular politicians in Washington D.C.

If Republicans manage to tip the House majority back into their favor, Pelosi will be effectively booted out as the House Speaker. This will open the door to a GOP House Speaker taking her place.

As things currently stand, Kevin McCarthy, the current House Minority Leader, is the most likely candidate for the House speakership position, should Democrats lose the chamber. Winning back the House of Representatives remains a number one priority for the Republican Party.

Do you think Republicans will manage to win back control of the House of Representatives from Democrats next year? What do you make of Pelosi’s prediction that Democrats will manage to keep the House majority? We want to get your feedback below in the comments section.