Pelosi Just Can’t Help Herself

Pelosi Just Can't Help Herself

( – The Left pays lip service to any number of causes but never really does anything to help. So, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proved she was a giant hypocrite once again, we shouldn’t have been surprised. This time it was just so blatant, it couldn’t be ignored.

On June 16, George Washington University hosted an online conference about social media and Pelosi spoke at the event. She said advertisers should not spend money on social media sites that allow the spread of disinformation. The Left has been accusing Facebook of that since the 2016 election and they often blame it for their loss to President Donald Trump.

So, social media… bad. Got it. Okay. Has Pelosi followed her own advice?

Spoiler alert: No.

According to Facebook’s public database, she has spent $182,528 on Facebook ads in just a week. Elizabeth Harrington, a GOP national spokesperson, called Pelosi out for her hypocrisy on Twitter.

It’s just so blatant, isn’t it? It’s like there’s something in the Democratic Party’s water that makes them talk out of both sides of their mouths.

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