Pence Urges Republicans to Move Beyond the 2020 Presidential Election

2022 is a very big year when it comes to US political elections occurring. America’s not only looking at the midterms in November, but also at a sequence of gubernatorial elections happening in various states.

Needless to say, the outcome of every single election will matter.

It will matter at local, state, and federal levels. When it comes to the midterms, the results will determine whether or not Congress is controlled by Democrats or flips back over to Republicans.

For what it’s worth, many Republicans are currently doing well; in the midterms especially, GOP candidates are on track. However, avoiding complacency before elections are won is imperative.

This explains some recent advice from former Vice President Mike Pence on how Republicans should proceed going forward, per The Hill.

Reviewing Mike Pence’s Advice to the Republican Party

During this year’s Republican National Committee Spring Retreat, Pence declared the importance of the GOP focusing on solutions for the American people, rather than on endless re-litigations of the past.

The former vice president also spoke about the crisis happening in Ukraine. Pence rejected the notion that NATO expansion is somehow the culprit for Putin’s decision to start a war.

Likewise, Pence made it clear that apologists for the Russian tyrant don’t have any room in the Republican Party.

Shortly thereafter, Pence also called for the American government to place sanctions on Russia’s oil tanks, rather than just merely on their yachts.

A Turning Point for America?

With over a year of continuous cataclysms from the Biden administration, much of the nation is hopeful that a turning point will come in the form of a red wave later this year.

If there’s one thing the past two years have done, they’ve shown the utmost importance of who holds a governor’s mansion, Senate seats, House seats, and other elected office positions.

At this time, polls and public sentiment show that people have more than had their fill of the various mandates being pushed by leftist governments.

This explains why the CDC, Democrat leaders, and everyone else who was on board with all these mandates are now gradually starting to roll things back.

In many ways, the outcomes of various elections this year are going to foreshadow what happens in 2024.

Although all signs appear to point towards massive wins for Republican candidates this year, putting in the work and connecting with voters remains absolutely imperative for the GOP and for the future of America.

What do you think about the speech given by former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday? Do you believe the points he made about the best steps forward for Republicans are correct? In the comments area, please don’t hesitate to let us know.