Perdue to Address Georgians Rather than Debate Dem. Opponent Ossoff

"David Perdue" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The future of the United States Senate shall be determined by the two runoff races presently happening in Georgia. Both runoffs are intense with Republican incumbent Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler defending their seats against Democrat opponents Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

Both of these races are predicted to be close calls; furthermore, the intensity of the runoffs has increased as both candidates take shots at one another.

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Sen. David Perdue continues to campaign mightily with Kelly Loeffler and other Republicans who seek to keep the Senate red. In a new turn of events, however, the GOP incumbent recently announced that he will not be debating Jon Ossoff again, as Breitbart News confirms.

Why Won’t Sen. Perdue Debate Ossoff in December?

Prior to Perdue’s announcement, his debate against Ossoff was set to take place on December 6th, precisely eight days before early voting in the runoffs begins.

Perdue’s Senate campaign issued a very clear statement regarding his refusal to debate Ossoff. According to the statement, the Republican’s Democrat challenger “lied repeatedly” in the last two debates and “refused to talk about the issues.”

After zinging Ossoff for failing to defend the “radical socialist agenda” he supports, Perdue’s team professed that Ossoff will have to use his own “out-of-state” funding to continue misleading Georgia residents.

Response from Jon Ossoff

Ossoff responded to the Perdue campaign’s statement by branding Perdue as a “coward.” The Democrat challenger also claimed that he is “ready to go” and urged the Republican incumbent to “defend [his] record.”

Instead of debating Jon Ossoff, Perdue will directly speak to Georgians and use this manner of communication to get his message across. Nevertheless, Ossoff isn’t at all happy that he will not get a chance to debate Perdue next month.

As of this report, Ossoff’s Twitter account is full of anti-Perdue attacks and smears. Without evidence, Ossoff calls Perdue a “crook” and a bigot. The Democrat has also repeatedly asked his followers to donate to his campaign while rallying to “keep” the state of Georgia blue.

The now-scrapped December 6 contest would have marked the final showdown between Perdue and Ossoff. In light of Perdue’s refusal to debate Ossoff, the latter will have to pursue other means of campaigning.

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