POLL: 61% of Voters Don’t Want Biden Running for a Second Term

It is fair to say a vast majority of Americans are displeased with what Biden’s done to the country after less than one year of stepping into the presidency. This displeasure is documented in a fairly recent poll where 71% of Americans opine the nation is not heading in the correct direction.

Despite the White House downplaying this reality, a good deal of voters have reservations about not just Biden’s presidency, but also his policies and their consequences. There’s also a popular view that the 46th president lacks the knowledge of how to handle problems and effectively take care of business.

With that in mind, a new poll to recently come out may be the worst yet for Biden. As documented by Newsmax, more than six out of ten Americans are of the view Biden should not run for a second term, come 2024.

Very Bad News for the Biden Administration

Just yesterday, a Hill-HarrisX survey came out, fully showing where the nation stands on the possibility of Biden running for another term once he’s up for re-election in 2024. 61% of Americans declared the president should exit the ring and let someone else run for the Democratic nomination.

Only 24% of Americans noted their support for the current president to seek yet another term once his current one expires. The remaining 15% declared themselves to be unsure about which path the 46th president should pursue.

Considerable majorities of Independents (59%) and Republicans (87%) maintain Biden should decline to run for re-election. However, merely 37% of Democrats share this perspective.

Hill-HarrisX likewise revealed 46% of Americans have the view that the president missed the mark in meeting their achievement expectations. Then, 31% stated they believe Biden met their expectations. Only 23% told Hill-HarrisX the 46th president surpassed their achievement expectations.

Who Could Fill Biden’s Shoes?

Back in March, the president declared his intentions to seek a second term in the White House with Kamala Harris as his vice president. If Biden changes his mind between now and then, it begs to question who will take up the mantle.

There is always the possibility of Harris launching yet another bid for the presidency. Other Democrats who failed to win their party’s nomination in 2020 could also have another go at trying to become president.

The reality that 61% of the nation wants Biden to bow out and steer clear of a re-election bid speaks volumes. It additionally indicates that if Biden were to seek another term anyway, there’s a real possibility he could lose, thus allowing whoever Republicans nominate to take back the White House.

What do you think about this latest poll? Do you think Biden should run for re-election in 2024 or pass the baton onto someone else? We’re interested in reading your opinions in the comments section below.