Poll: Americans Widely Split on Support for Gun Control Bills

"Virginia National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

The White House under President Biden’s leadership is all about gun control.

Biden is literally taking every step possible to infringe upon Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Not only is Biden pressing Congress to pass gun control bills, but the president has even taken executive action to make more gun control a reality. 

“Idaho National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

As the Democrat president works to enact more gun control, Republican leaders at the state level are fighting to preserve gun rights. Today, Newsmax reported a new poll showing that Americans are collectively split on support for gun control legislation. 

Where Americans Today Stand on Gun Control 

A survey released today by Washington Post-ABC News shows that 50% of Americans are supportive of legislation to enact more restrictions on guns. This marks a 7% decline in Americans who backed gun control measures in 2018. 

Additional findings from the poll showed that 43% of U.S. citizens today are supportive of gun ownership rights. In contrast to support for gun control, the Americans in favor of gun rights have increased by 9% since 2018. This latest poll from Washington Post-ABC News comes weeks after mass shootings in the Atlanta area of Georgia and in Boulder, Colorado. 

Partisan Approaches to Gun Rights vs. Gun Control 

Republicans have made clear that they will not simply do nothing as Biden works to chip away at gun rights.

The Biden administration continues to call for ineffective measures such as magazine bans, the prohibition of so-called “assault weapons,” etc. The GOP has therefore moved to act at the state levels to preserve gun rights and limit the reach of Biden’s executive orders. 

Democrats, meanwhile, believe that Biden isn’t going far enough. Despite Biden’s executive orders on gun control and pushes for Congress to force through more restrictions, the left is not satisfied. The core factions of Biden’s base believe that he ought to make restrictions against firearms even more severe. 

The gun rights vs. gun control debate continues to get more intense. However, if the past three years are any indicator, support for gun rights is gradually climbing while support for gun control progressively declines. 

If Republicans manage to regain the House and/or Senate majorities in 2022, it will be much easier for them to stop the leftist congressional push for gun control. 

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