Poll: Biden Gets Terrible Approval Ratings on Multiple Issues

As president of the United States, Biden has an obligation to oversee a series of matters that impact the country. Unfortunately for America, though, this president is doing an absolutely terrible job.

Last month’s jobs report just came out and the numbers are not good. However, this isn’t stopping Biden from claiming that “steady progress” is underway. Only in Biden’s mind could one believe this is true. America added many fewer jobs than economists expected; meanwhile, staffing shortages and unemployment persist.

The economy is far from the only issue where Biden has failed this nation. On immigration, foreign policy, taxes, spending, and more, this president has dropped the ball on numerous occasions.

Now, Breitbart News is bringing attention to a new survey that shows Biden having low marks on issues across the board.

The Yahoo News/YouGov Survey on Biden’s Job Performance

Despite the president’s attempts to rewrite truth, the American people know what’s really going on. According to the survey by Yahoo News/YouGov, Biden’s overall disapproval rating shakes out to 50%, leaving only 42% who say they approve of this president.

A further breakdown of the numbers gets into specific issues and policies that Biden’s had a hand in since becoming president. Right now, only 47% of the nation approves of how the president has dealt with COVID; another 44% cited their disapproval of Biden’s approach towards this virus.

This poll also shows Biden’s significantly high disapproval ratings amongst Republicans and Independents. It’s pretty much a given that Biden isn’t going to score high marks with Republicans; however, Independents (who played a huge role in Biden getting elected) are also now disapproving of the president.

Yahoo News/YouGov determined that 56% of Independents in the United States do not approve of the president. This is a pattern in several polls, where Independents and Republicans are united in opposition against various themes involving Biden.

An Indicator of Midterm Elections?

The vast disapproval that Biden faces from Independents and Republicans is a very clear indicator of what awaits Democrats in the midterm elections. More than eight in ten Democrats currently approve of Biden; however, they are not the only ones who will be voting in 2022.

Biden ran as a moderate Democrat; this explains how he was able to get so many Independent Americans to vote for him. However, Biden’s been leading as an authoritarian leftist; this is why majorities of both Independents and Republicans do not approve.

Redistricting is already not in the Democrats’ favor. However, with this president running things, he’s only ensuring the demise of his own party’s congressional majorities, come November 2022.

What do you think about Biden’s latest approval and disapproval ratings? Do you think the pushback against this president will have negative impacts on Democrats in the 2022 midterms? Let us get your feedback in the comments section below.