Poll: Coronavirus Pandemic is Getting Better, Most Americans Agree

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For just about one full year now, Americans have been inundated with news about the COVID-19 virus.

Over the course of this past year, the government has employed unprecedented and controversial mitigation strategies that are becoming more unpopular. Social pushback against measures like mask mandates, business capacity restrictions, shutdowns, etc., continues to mount.

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Republican governors are also now beginning to roll back mask mandates and other restrictions that were set in place in the name of the almighty coronavirus. Case drops and the presence of multiple coronavirus vaccines are undoubtedly playing a role in the reversal of various restrictions.

A new Gallup poll now shows that most Americans are optimistic about the nation’s handling of coronavirus, though, according to Newsmax.

Putting an End to the Pandemic

All in all, the majority of U.S. citizens are confident that the situation involving COVID-19 is getting better. A Gallup survey documents that 60% of Americans agree that matters are improving; only 26% said the pandemic isn’t changing at all, while just 14% opined that matters are actually getting worse.

The data from this February 2021 Gallup poll marks a significant change and an almost complete reversal from an April 2020 survey. During that time, 56% believed the coronavirus pandemic was worsening, while only 29% said things were improving and 15% agreed that no changes were happening.

A Return to Normal Life

Many, many Americans are ready for a return to normal life. This is evidenced by the people who are traveling, going out, and calling for ends to measures like mask mandates and business capacity restrictions.

At this point, there are several vaccines available for COVID-19. With nearly one year since the inception of this virus, Americans know how to deal with it and which demographics of individuals are most vulnerable.

The lifting of widespread mandates frees up individuals to make their own calls and decisions. People who disagree with the reversal of mask mandates can continue to wear masks voluntarily, without a government mandate. Likewise, businesses that are still not comfortable with operating at 100% capacity are not obligated to do so.

Americans’ desire for a return to normal life is more than apparent, especially with the arrival of three different COVID-19 vaccines. As government restrictions are lifted, each individual will have to determine what they are and are not comfortable with doing.

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