Poll: More Americans Support Trump’s Decision to Kill Soleimani

Poll: More Americans Support Trump's Decision to Kill Soleimani

Ever since President Donald Trump made the decision to kill Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani, The Left has been losing their minds. Democratic lawmakers are shouting about war crimes and Nancy Pelosi is trying to limit the president’s power. However, a new poll shows that, barring indecision, more Americans approve of Trump’s decision than disapprove.

The HuffPost-YouGov survey found that 43% of those polled said they support his decision, while 30% “strongly approved.” Meanwhile, 38% of respondents said they did not approve. The rest of the participants have no opinion one way or the other.

Although the numbers are close, the fact remains that more people support the move than those who don’t. They understand that allowing the Iranian general to continue to kill Americans is not acceptable. Trump was abiding by his oath of office and protecting our citizens from a foreign enemy.

Perhaps The Left should take note.

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