Portable Bed Rails Tied to Tragic and Shocking Deaths

When people purchase bed accessories, they do so to be more comfortable when they’re sleeping and resting. Some bed accessories are even bought for decoration purposes or to fit with certain interior design themes.

Today, bed frames, rails, and other accessories are readily available for acquisition. They can be found anywhere from Amazon to Walmart, eBay, and beyond.

Naturally, when people shop for these items, the last thing they expect is to wind up meeting their maker. However, this is something that’s happened to multiple individuals with bed rails from Mobility Transfer Systems.

These bed rails are tied to the deaths of people over the course of years. They have now led to warnings for consumers to discontinue use, as documented by Fox Business.

A Shocking Turn of Events

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is advising people to steer clear of ten different bed rail models of Mobility Transfer Systems.

At least three older people have lost their lives due to these rails. The risks of Mobility Transfer Systems bed rails come in the set-up of the rail and the mattress.

Apparently, there have been considerable cases of people ending up caught between the rail and mattress (or between different rail parts), later causing death by asphyxia.

These rails have been sold since 1992. However, the deaths tied to them on the record occurred in 2006, 2007, and 2013.

Despite these deaths, manufacturer Metal Tubing USA Inc. has yet to issue any recalls of the product.

More Potential Action Later Down the Line

Like its manufacturer, Mobility Transfer Systems has not voluntarily recalled its products that are linked to injuries and fatalities. There also hasn’t been any sort of solution or assistance offered by the company or its manufacturer.

Due to the gravity of this situation, CPSC may be taking additional measures going forward, measures that go beyond advising consumers to avoid these bed rails.

With the release of this news, it remains to be seen whether companies that have been selling these bed rails on their platforms will continue to do so.

Thus far, the companies marketing these bed rails include Walmart, VitalityMedical, eBay, etc.

The costs of Mobility Transfer Systems bed rails vary as well. Some places sell them for as low as under $50; meanwhile, other sites sell them for over $150.

If more deaths and injuries continue to stem from these products, there is a very high likelihood of both Mobility Transfer Systems and its manufacturing company looking at some serious lawsuits.

Are you surprised to learn that seemingly innocuous bed rails are linked to multiple serious injuries and deaths? Do you believe the company should be allowed to continue selling this product?

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