President of Ukraine Alarms Americans With New Message

With over one year passed since Russia attacked Ukraine, the war is not yet over. Both sides have endured losses. Although one could argue that Russia truly dug itself into a hole with this attack on Ukraine.

Numerous businesses pulled out of Russia, refusing to work in the country following the attack on Ukraine. Russia is likewise being hit with sanctions and largely viewed as a villain globally, due to the war it provoked.

Since this war, the United States has sent billions upon billions of dollars to Ukraine. Some Americans have been consistently sounding the alarm over this, stating that we can’t afford to keep giving out money like this.

Meanwhile, new comments from Ukraine President Zelenskyy alarmed many Americans nationwide, as reported by Trending Politics.

The United States Will Have to Do What?

During a town hall of sorts, Zelenskyy shared what he believes will happen if Russia somehow manages to win the war it started in Ukraine last year.

The latter nation’s president went on to declare the United States will have to send our daughters and sons to war in the same manner that Ukraine is. Going forward, Zelenskyy also said if Ukraine loses the war, then the aforementioned daughters and sons sent to war will end up losing their lives.

Later, the president of Ukraine went on to predict that any serious Russian victory in the now-ongoing war will have negative ramifications that impact NATO.

Not Well-received

It goes without saying that Zelenskyy’s comments about America’s daughters and sons losing their lives in war didn’t land well here in the states.

Taking to social media, many Americans criticized the Ukrainian president, declaring that he went too far and had no right to make these comments. Others Americans warned Zelenskyy’s commentary will only further fuel folks who are opposed to Ukraine getting any aid from the United States.

So far, there’s been no word from the Biden White House about the statements made by Zelenskyy. However, Biden has gone on record, declaring on numerous occasions that America will send financial aid to Ukraine for as long as necessary.

Likewise, the president landed in hot water late last month when he used Presidents Day to visit Ukraine, rather than to spend time with Americans in East Palestine, Ohio who are struggling, thanks to the disastrous train derailment.

Right now, there is no telling how much longer this war between Ukraine and Russia will drag on. Though it is widely recognized that Russian President Putin is never going to end the war on his own accord.

What do you think about the scenario Zelenskyy laid out for Americans in the event that Ukraine loses the ongoing war? You can sound off in the comments section.