President Trump Drops a Truth Bomb on Romney

President Trump Drops a Truth Bomb on Romney

( – On Wednesday, President Donald Trump beat the impeachment scam that Democrats forced the American people to watch. All of the Republican senators voted with the president, except for the guy who strapped his dog to a car roof: Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). The recently acquitted commander-in-chief is letting the Utah senator exactly how he feels about it.

A few hours after the impeachment vote, Trump sent out a tweet telling Romney about himself:

Romney has always been a little salty about the fact that Trump won the election. He even went as far as to create an alter-ego, Pierre Delecto, on Twitter to bash the president. Wednesday’s vote was just one more smarmy way to take out his anger.

What’s worse is that had he beaten former President Barack Obama in 2012, Trump wouldn’t have so much trash to clean up.

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