Public Opinion Faults Biden, Not Trump for Inflation

Under President Biden’s leadership, inflation is very much present. The White House’s refusal to admit the presence of inflation does not make it any less real. 

Here’s the reality: with Biden at the helm of power, he is spending like there’s no tomorrow. He’s having the Federal Reserve print out dollars, thus devaluing the money that’s already in circulation.

This explains why the earnings of the American people have fallen each month Biden’s been president; it also explains why prices are increasing as earnings decline. 

What’s most amazing about all of this is that the Biden administration is attempting to fault former President Trump for inflation that happened after Trump left office. The good news, however, is that the American people aren’t falling for Biden’s con. 

According to Breitbart News, Biden carries the most blame for inflation in the court of public opinion. 

The Inflation President

This month, Trafalgar Group asked voters about their views on what source bears responsibility for current inflation in the United States. 39% of voters faulted President Biden, while 17.9% stated that they did not know who is accountable for inflation. 

Only 17.7% blamed Trump for Biden’s inflation, thus leaving 14.4% of voters who blamed Congress. These numbers are very clear, but they get even more interesting when a partisan breakdown takes place. 

Even the Democrats hold Biden responsible for inflation by a 5.8% margin. Republicans, too, view Biden as responsible; however, their margin of this viewpoint comes to 52.7%. 

The Biden administration cannot sit back and fault a former president for inflation; even the members of Biden’s own base aren’t buying it. The 46th president is rapidly earning a reputation as the inflation president, thanks to his spending and fiscal wastefulness.

Consequences of Inflation

The very unfortunate consequences of inflation continue to materialize. These are consequences that Republicans and conservatives warned about, yet Biden still continued forward.

Inflation is the ultimate tax and it hits poor people and working-class people the hardest. These are the groups which President Biden professes to be fighting for; when running for office, Biden even claimed that he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone other than the wealthy. Of course, this was a lie and Republicans knew it.  

The tax of inflation is continuing to hurt the most vulnerable. Increasing prices and decreasing income is a very dangerous combination for folks struggling just to make it in life. The White House can falsely blame Trump for inflation all they want, but this lie will never stick. 

It is Biden’s policies, not Trump’s, that are devaluing the dollar, killing jobs, and causing prices to soar. 

What do you think about inflation in the United States at this time? Do you view President Biden as responsible for inflation? Let us know in the comments section below.