Punishment of Key FBI Agents Raises New Red Flags

It’s looking as though corruption within the FBI has been more deep-seated than most Americans realize.

For starters, just the release of the Durham report alone points to major problems of government officials knowing that Trump never colluded with the Russian government, although pretending otherwise.

Then, there’s the element of the Hunter Biden investigation, which some Americans believe has been tainted from the start. Many people think that despite federal probes, the president’s son isn’t going to be held responsible for any laws he may have broken.

These concerns are now fueled by breaking news of key FBI agents being punished for speaking out about corruption in the organization, as reported by Fox News.

Retaliation For Speaking the Truth

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee totally blew the lid on nefarious dealings that have been underway within the FBI for a shocking amount of time.

Quite simply, these details comprised FBI agents who didn’t keep quiet about systemic agency corruption losing their jobs and being forced out of the credentials that granted them clearance.

According to various FBI whistleblowers, there are all sorts of cases involving abuse, careless misappropriation of federal funds, and other problems. Corrupt officials within the system like things as they are and want to discourage anyone from coming forward about what’s happening.

Unsurprisingly, the FBI penned a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, providing its own reasons for suspending different officials and claiming everything was done above board.

What Happens Now?

Some Americans have called for the dismantling of the FBI, asserting it’s so broken that there’s no hope for repairing the agency as is.

Others believe that all corrupt agents have to be rooted out and held accountable in order for the FBI to have a viable chance of moving forward.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the House Judiciary Committee reveals more likely bombshells.