Questions Emerge About the Vice President’s Political Future

As the 2024 presidential election gets nearer, questions are emerging about the presidential-vice presidential ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Currently, Biden is expected to seek another term in the White House. He could very well end up declaring his candidacy next month when he gives the State of the Union address.

For a while, questions about whether or not Biden would run turned attention to Vice President Harris being the heir apparent and stepping into the Democratic presidential nomination.

However, amid the expectation of a Biden reelection campaign, many are starting to raise inquiries about whether or not Harris will be on his 2024 ticket and more, according to Red State.

More Than What Meets the Eye?

Since the Biden administration began, there have been all sorts of varying reports about the vice president clashing with presidential officials.

For some time, there were even rumors that Biden might consider replacing Harris with a different vice president; however, the White House quickly worked to put these rumors to bed, alleging that all is well between Biden and Harris.

Right now, reports suggest that Democrats have their doubts about whether or not Harris has what it takes to eventually become president. Notably, when Sen. Elizabeth Warren was questioned about a Biden-Harris ticket, she said Biden would go with whichever vice presidential pick made him most comfortable.

This was far from a glowing endorsement of Harris, despite Warren previously working with the vice president when they both served in Congress as senators.

So far, the White House has stated that Harris will be on the 2024 Democratic ticket with Biden; though anything is possible, at this point.

Questions About 2028

Democrats’ uncertainties about Harris go beyond even the 2024 presidential election. Even in a scenario where the Biden-Harris ticket remains as is and ends up serving another term, questions have emerged regarding the 2028 presidential election.

Some folks worry that Harris still may not be able to make it into the White House as president. This is largely due to how poorly Harris’ presidential campaign did during the 2020 period.

Despite Harris getting elected to represent California in the Senate, this win has been partially chalked up to her having not-so-serious competition during that race.

If Democrats decide to count Harris out, then it raises the question of who will be able to fill the gap and lead the party. Already, growing numbers of Democrats, such as former Congressman Tim Ryan, are stressing a need for a generational change in party leadership and representation.

Do you believe the Democrat Party will eventually turn on Harris, despite her current status as the nation’s vice president? In the comments area down below, we invite you to share your thoughts about this particular matter.