Rand Paul Slams Fauci for Lies, Disregard of Personal Freedom

Many Americas are sick to death of the lies and inconsistencies from Dr. Anthony Fauci. On countless occasions, Fauci’s changed his mind, made senseless statements, and disregarded true science for the sake of a leftist political agenda. 

For some odd reason, the left has chosen to place Fauci on this alter. Democrats act as if Fauci is above reproach or question. Anyone who pushes back against Fauci in the slightest is accused by Democrats of being supposedly “anti-science.” Yet, it is the Democrat Party that ignores science for the sake of politics and social control. 

Many Republicans do not fear left-wing attacks and are therefore unafraid to hold Fauci’s feet to the fire. During a recent Newsmax interview, Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul slammed Fauci for lying and showing utter disregard for personal freedoms. 

Sen. Paul on Fauci, Lies, and Personal Freedoms

While speaking with Newsmax, the Kentucky Republican vocalized many problematic aspects of Fauci that have been revealed over the past 16 months. Paul remarked that Fauci intentionally disregards natural immunity science because it doesn’t support the agenda of forever lockdowns and indefinite masking. 

Sen. Paul then explained that Fauci is ignoring the importance of personal freedoms while seeking to mandate Americans’ medical choices. Later, Paul trashed Fauci as an elitist who ignores science that doesn’t suit his agenda, while simultaneously pushing for Americans to shut up and submit. 

The GOP congressman’s remarks come after Fauci’s recent advocacy for more local mandates regarding the COVID vaccine. Fauci also recently went after Americans who are not vaccinated against COVID; according to Fauci, unvaccinated individuals need to get over their so-called political agendas and simply roll up their sleeves. 

On the same token, Fauci has not publicly talked about the documented adverse reactions and side effects of the coronavirus vaccine. He’s also made no mention of new warnings about how the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine comes with a risk of harm to the nervous system and immune system. 

Lies and Government Bureaucracy 

More and more Americans are seeing through the lies and government bureaucracy perpetrated by people like Fauci. It’s quite clear that for many health officials, COVID is about control and about them remaining in the limelight. 

Thankfully, the fearmongering is no longer working. Virus or no virus, we the people can never submit to government tyranny, no matter how much it gets framed as for the “greater good.” 

Freedom is the greater good…despite how much Fauci and other hypocrites with their own agendas pretend otherwise. 

What do you think about Sen. Rand Paul calling out Fauci’s lies, hypocrisy, and ignorance of personal freedoms? Be sure to clue us in on where you stand down below in the section for comments.