Reckless Illegal Conduct of FBI Exposed in Shocking New Files

The FBI is an agency that many Americans and patriots hoped they could trust.

Sadly, the agency has become deeply weaponized by the Biden administration and the left, as we saw with the raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Now, new files have been provided that show just how reckless and illegal the agency has become in terms of the conduct of its own agents. If you needed any more proof that the FBI is out of control, you have it here!

Shocking Behavior With No Consequences

These files show shocking behavior with little or no consequences and depict an agency that is truly out of control. They include drunk driving, theft, beating a kid, illegally dealing with top secret documents, misplacing their weapons, and sex crimes.

In one of the most shocking cases, an agent had his M4 carbine stolen out of his car that he left loose in the vehicle while he went inside to get Starbucks.

He should have locked it properly in the trunk as per protocol, but he didn’t, stowing it under the front seat instead.

A thief snatched the bag with the rifle in it and wasn’t recovered. The agent who broke such a basic rule? A two-week suspension and no further disciplinary action.

Keep in mind this is just one of the many examples of FBI corruption in these files…

Digging Deeper Into the Documents

Digging deeper into the internal memos and documents, we can see several cases of FBI agents having sexual affairs with inmates locked up in jail.

The memos from the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) were given by a whistleblower to a conservative media outlet and show the FBI’s 35,000-strong workforce has been up to some very irresponsible behavior.

Take drunk driving, for example: with 23 situations of drunk driving in the latest report and only five of the agents were fired. The rest got small suspensions of several weeks or had a peaceful retirement with full honors.

36 cases of agents losing their guns and one even shot a hole through the ceiling of his hotel by mistake.

These reports going back to 2017 show a very serious problem inside the FBI with the way they handle misbehavior and the falling standards they expect from those in the agency.

More cases include an agent let go in the spring of 2017 for sexually abusing his granddaughter and daughter for many years. Another was let go for being a spy for a “foreign government.”

Another stole drugs to use because he was a morphine addict; another whipped out his gun on a civilian during a bout of road rage and smashed the woman he was angry at against a wall.

Another shot his neighbor’s dog to death after it annoyed him. How many of these agents served time behind bars for crimes like this? You guessed it: zero.

The Bottom Line

The FBI needs to be subject to much more scrutiny and oversight or disbanded. Those are the only two reasonable options at this point.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.