Red Flag Laws Are a Recipe for Disaster

Red Flag Laws Are a Recipe for Disaster

( – Imagine you’re having a beer with a couple of your friends one night and you’re all chatting about life. You look over and your friend is about to take a sip of your new beer, jokingly you tell him that you’ll hurt him if he doesn’t put it down. Fast forward a few days and suddenly the police are entering your home and seizing your guns. Someone overheard your remark to your friend the other night and reported you to the police. They deemed you a threat and you’ve been red-flagged.

It sounds crazy, but it isn’t. This is the reality of “red flag” laws across the country and they have the potential to strip away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Red Flags

Stephen Nichols, an 84-year-old Korean War veteran and retired cop, was working as a school crossing guard at Martha’s Vineyard’s Tisbury School one morning when he noticed the school resource officer had left his post. Enraged that the officer left his post, Nichols remarked that somebody could “shoot up the school” while the cop was out getting coffee. That comment, a legitimate concern, led to Tisbury Police labeling him a threat and taking his guns.

How was the police department able to do it? Massachusetts’ Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also known as a red flag law, allows police to get an emergency order that suspends a citizen’s Second Amendment rights and forces them to hand over their weapons.

As of now, 17 states and the District of Columbia have these laws. The government has permission to strip its citizens of their Second Amendment rights by violating the due process rights afforded to them by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Recipe for Disaster

When the Founding Fathers created the US Constitution, they knew there’d be a time when the American people would have to stand up to tyranny. To ensure the people had a fighting chance, they wrote the Second Amendment and gave everyone the right to bear arms.

Allowing the state to suspend those rights leaves us vulnerable to an oppressive government and no recourse to fight back to protect our loved ones. The right to bear arms is the right that protects all other rights.

Citizens cannot sit idly by and allow this to happen. If your state has a red flag law, it’s time to change leadership and repeal it. For the rest who are not faced with the grim reality that their representatives threw away their rights, it’s up to you to make sure they never do. Get out there and make your voice heard.

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