Renewed Alliance Between Russia and China Raises Concerns

Russia and China have quite a bit in common. Each of them is a dictatorial regime that does not uphold freedom as a right to which all human beings are entitled. China and Russia have both faced accusations of human rights violations on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile, both nations believe smaller, separate, and nearby neighboring countries belong to them. In Russia’s case, it’s Ukraine. In China’s case, it’s Taiwan.

Finally, Russia and Ukraine have also had their fair share of clashes with the West, notably the United States. Now, the reports of these two countries seemingly aligning forces has put much of the world on edge, per the Daily Mail.

What’s Going On?

Earlier this month, China’s Xi Jinping met with his Russia counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow. During this meeting, the two dictators made it clear they’re willing to team up if it serves one another’s national interests.

For instance, as Russia remains on not so stable ground amid its invasion of Ukraine, China’s Xi used that to his advantage. The Chinese dictator did this by getting Putin to agree to a host of demands pertaining to energy, trade, infrastructure, and more.

Of course, the terms of these agreements are extremely beneficial to China.

China remains one of America’s biggest competitiors on the world stage. Meanwhile, the Xi-Putin alliance, for however long it stands, opens the door to China increasing its global power and wielding that power accordingly.

What Comes Next?

There’s no doubt that China will continue as it has been, observing various events in the world and looking to take advantage. Meanwhile, seeing as Russia’s been damaged by various sanctions and businesses cutting ties with the country, Putin will undoubtedly accept Xi’s support.

This is a time for the United States to remain watchful, on guard, and aware. Sadly, our national defense and federal leadership aren’t what they used to be.