Republican Governors Association Slams Leftist Hypocrisy on COVID

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Double standards on COVID-19 are getting very old, very quickly. Health officials and Democrat leaders have one set of rules for the general public and an entirely different set of guidelines for themselves. 

The latest example of this ongoing hypocrisy comes from Gretchen Whitmer, the Democrat governor of Michigan. Whitmer gathered with a group of friends over the weekend at a bar; the only issue with this is that in so doing, she broke her own health order regarding a ban on more than six individuals dining together in restaurants. 

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The Michigan governor later rescinded this mandate after she got busted for violating it. However, this is not the first time that Whitmer has broken her own edicts. The Michigan governor recently jetted down to Florida after instructing residents of her state not to travel domestically. 

A list of hypocrisy could go on and on; however, a growing number of Americans are sick of it. This is why the Republican Governors Association called Whitmer on her double standards in an ad, reports Fox News

Getting the Michigan Governor Out of Office

In the ad put out by the Republican Governors Association, the group made very clear that Whitmer’s double standards have come at the cost of Michiganders.

In the piece, Northville resident Suzette spoke about how the Michigan governor’s orders impeded her ability to see her father before he passed; yet, Whitmer, in violation of her own rules, was able to go down to the Sunshine State to spend time with her own father. 

Before the ad concluded, Suzette stated that Governor Whitmer has failed Michigan and doesn’t deserve to lead the state any longer. 

A spokesperson for the Republican Governors Association backed this sentiment. Chris Gustafson, in a press release, declared that the hypocrisy of the Michigan governor is boundless and merits her firing. 

Voting Democrat Governors Out of Office

The emergence of coronavirus has revealed the many issues with Democrat governors across the nation.

Leftist governors, such as Whitmer, continue to keep in place restrictive mandates, even when they’re not backed by science. Meanwhile, these officials have no issues with doing whatever they please while punishing anyone else who dares do the same. 

Already, the governors of Hawaii and New York are embracing mandatory vaccine passport programs; it’s only a matter of time before other Democrat governors follow suit. For these reasons and more, voting Democrat governors out of office is paramount to preserving freedom and integrity. 

This is a mission that the Republican Governors Association remains fully on board with. 

Do you think the Republican Governors Association has a good point about the hypocrisy of the Michigan Democrat governor? Share your thoughts about this in the comments section below.