Republican Governors Demand Action from Biden on Southern Border

To say that the country’s southern border has reached a breaking point doesn’t do the present situation justice. Right now, Biden has migrants stashed under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas as they try to get past the border’s checkpoints.

That comes on top of the illegal immigrants that Biden’s already let in and shipped to different parts of the nation. Back in March, the president set Vice President Kamala Harris as the person in charge of handling the border, but she’s done absolutely nothing.

After the scenes and footage captured by media drone footage, it is high time for this White House to take some action. They cannot allow the situation at the border to remain unchecked.

This is why a group of Republican governors have come together and demanded that Biden act accordingly to get this situation handled, per Breitbart News.

A Message from GOP Governors to President Biden

On Monday, 26 Republican governors wrote a letter to Biden, reminding him of what’s at stake and what his responsibilities are as president of the United States. In this letter, Biden is told that as president, he has a constitutional duty to enforce congressional immigration laws.

This is something Biden’s refusing to do as our southern border literally overflows with thousands and thousands of migrants. This thereby leaves the president in breach of his oath of office.

Furthermore, in the letter, the GOP governors call for a meeting with Biden to discuss immigration reform, fixing the current mess, and ending this nightmare once and for all. Republicans also reminded Biden that states have been forced to try to tackle the border crisis, despite this falling under the umbrella of the federal government’s responsibilities.

There’s no beating around the bush on this one. Americans see what is happening and the inaction of this administration is shameful. Time will tell how Biden responds to this letter from the 26 Republican governors.

More Grounds for Impeachment?

Biden’s dereliction of duty at the southern border serves as yet another source of grounds for his impeachment. As Republican governors noted, Biden has a responsibility to enforce the immigration laws, despite whether or not he personally agrees with them.

The president’s negligence at the border follows his negligence in Afghanistan; the latter unfortunately led to the bombing of Afghan civilians, children, and American servicemembers. Yet, Biden has learned nothing from these ordeals and continues pressing ahead with his horrible brand of leadership.

There is more than enough grounds to have Biden impeached and tossed out of office; however, this is a tall order with Democrats controlling the House and Senate majorities.

Do you think Biden will get control of the southern border and meet with Republican governors as requested? Let us get your thoughts below in the comments section.

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