Republicans Going into 2022 Midterms with Millions in Fundraising

Americans should prepare themselves for the epic showdown that will be the 2022 midterm elections. Already, it’s looking like the midterms will be immensely hard-fought; likewise, the significance and impact that these elections will have on the country cannot be overstated. 

Democrats narrowly control each congressional chamber; they’ve made a point of using their slim majorities to their advantage as much as possible. Furthermore, Democrats are so greedy for total control that they want to eliminate the Senate filibuster so that Republicans have no say whatsoever. 

The midterms are approaching, as is the day of reckoning for the political left. Republicans, meanwhile, are suiting up for next year’s congressional races. New updates from Washington Examiner confirm that House Minority Whip Steve Scalise has raised millions going into the 2022 midterms. 

Armed and Ready for the 2022 Midterm Elections

Over the course of 2021 alone, Scalise has garnered $16.1 million in fundraising. The House Minority Whip’s impressive fundraising shows that many Americans are ready for an alternative to the messed up leadership that’s currently heading Congress at this time. 

On Monday, Scalise spoke about the notable amount of money he’s raised. According to the House Minority Whip, it largely boils down to what six months of Biden’s presidency have entailed. Scalise explained that Americans are not pleased with surging energy costs, inflation, growing crime rates, or the existential border crisis. 

However, the House Minority Whip also informed that Americans across the nation are enthused with the Republican agenda. Scalise remarked that Republicans have what is necessary to retake the House of Representatives; finally, the House Minority Whip confirmed that he’s in touch with his GOP colleagues to ensure that Democrats no longer control the House after November 2022. 

Since raising millions of dollars for next year’s congressional midterms, Scalise has transferred some of the funds over to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Getting America Back in Order

A GOP victory in the 2024 presidential election is critical to getting America back in order; however, next year’s midterm elections are a vital stepping stone. Since Democrats gained the majority in both the House and the Senate, they’ve proven that they can’t handle it; Democrats will stoop to any means to obtain more power, consequences be damned. 

This is why getting Republicans back in control of the House and Senate is the first step to getting America back in order. Even taking back just one of these chambers will send a major message. It will show the radical left that defunding police, pushing Marxist critical race theory, etc., is not acceptable in the United States.

Do you think the millions of dollars that Republicans have raised will carry them to victory in the 2022 midterms? Give us your hot takes in the comments section below.