Republicans Press Biden on Getting Internet Access to Cubans

Cubans are in a precarious position. Days ago, Cubans made headlines for protesting against a 62-year-long communist regime; this regime has led to starvation, tyranny, lack of free speech, lack of voting rights, and more. Cubans are now standing up and saying no more. 

Like all communist dictatorships, the Cuban government is more than eager to maintain control. This is why some Cubans are now being murdered for daring to protest; it’s also why the Cuban communist regime is depriving its own people of food, water, internet access, electricity, and more. 

Many Americans have expressed support for Cuba in a variety of fashions. However, one of the best displays of support can come in the form of restoring resources to Cuba. This is why Republicans are now pressing President Biden to act and get internet access back to the Cuban people, as Fox News confirms. 

Republicans on Biden and Getting Internet Access to Cubans

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a Miami press conference to discuss the events in Cuba. After pointing out that the Cuban communist dictatorship intentionally shut off internet to halt the flow of information, the Florida governor declared that Biden must help Cubans communicate by restoring their internet access. 

DeSantis also cited the various methods that Biden can employ to get Cubans’ internet access back. Some examples include satellite technology and offshore technology. Connectivity via ballons and using Havana’s U.S. Embassy as a hotspot point are also other alternatives. 

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also joined DeSantis in urging Biden to restore internet connectivity to Cuba. Rubio explained that the current president can use U.S. firms and various funding resources so that Cubans are able to access the internet again.

Rubio also declared that emergency connectivity is one of the initial steps Biden needs to take to get internet access up and running again in Cuba. 

Will President Biden Take the Necessary Action? 

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has pointed out, time is a critical factor for Cubans right now. The ability to communicate also plays an essential role in the Cuban people’s quest for liberty and freedom; this is why the Cuban communist government shut down internet connectivity. 

According to Sen. Rubio, he’s been in direct talks with the Biden White House in regards to getting internet access up and running again in Cuba. Furthermore, the Florida Republican senator confirmed that he spoke with various companies that can make this happen also. 

Time is ultimately going to reveal whether or not President Biden takes the necessary and right action in a situation such as this. 

Do you believe Biden should move to restore internet access to Cuba? Will he do it? Share your views and predictions with us in the section for comments below.