Republicans Score a Major Victory in North Carolina

Throughout the country, state legislatures play a very big role in which laws pass and which ones die on the House or Senate floors.

In some states, the legislative political leanings align with those of the governor in office. However, if the state legislature is opposite to the party of the presiding governor, this can lead to various clashes.

The same can also be said of legislatures where Republicans control one chamber and Democrats control the other.

For a long time, North Carolina’s power was split, notably in the state legislature. However, Republicans just scored a major win in this state, according to Breitbart News.

Key State Representative Flips Red

In North Carolina, Rep. Tricia Cotham just announced that she’ll be switching her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. Cotham, in her own words, said she doesn’t recognize the Democrat Party of today and believes it is too far gone.

With Cotham’s party switch, Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives now have a majority that is above vetos. This is a significant victory for the party and Republicans across the nation are welcoming Cotham with open arms.

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican Party, cited Cotham’s party switch as evidence that momentum for the GOP is rising as Democrats grow more extreme and out of touch.

Democrats Seethe

It goes without saying that Democrats are not happy about this party switch at all. Many have taken to social media to attack Cotham and call her a traitor.

Others even insinuated that the congresswoman is disenfranchising the voters who cast ballots for her. In more extreme examples, some critics of the North Carolina representative said that her switching parties in this manner ought to be illegal.

Cotham’s departure from the Democrat Party arrives after Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema also left the party to become an Independent.