Republicans Seek Audits, Recounts, Reviews in Close Battleground States

"Donald Trump plane" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

In more than one battleground state, Trump and Biden are within a few thousand votes of each other. Several of these states were called very prematurely, even as the counting of votes remained in progress. The media’s rush to declare Biden as America’s president-elect continues to come under scrutiny from Republicans who know this race isn’t over.

A recount of votes in Georgia led to the discovery of 2,600 Floyd County ballots that somehow went unaccounted for. This has already led to calls for the election director to resign, especially since the exclusion of these votes happened because of human negligence, rather than a software glitch or other mechanical problem.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Countless reports of voter fraud, irregularities, doctored and backdated ballots, etc., have come up during this election process. For these reasons, some Republicans are calling for audits, recounts, and reviews in all states where the gaps between Trump and Biden is smaller than 100,000 votes, per Breitbart News.

The Case for Widespread Reviews, Recounts, and Audits

Ensuring the counting of all legal votes is a paramount aspect of a free and fair election. Thus far, Georgia already failed to do this, despite the media prematurely declaring Biden as the winner of the Peach State.

The Georgia Secretary of State has also come under fire from Republicans due to questionable management of the recount process; reportedly, Brad Raffensperger has failed to match the signature on ballots, something that conservatives say is critical to ensuring the legitimacy of a recount.

Due to voting errors and problems that have come up in multiple battleground states, Texas Republican Chip Roy and others believe that widespread recounts are in order. By completely reviewing, recounting, and auditing states with a less than 100,000 vote gap between Trump and Biden, other errors and fraud can be rooted out.

In the fight for a free and fair election, Americans need to have confidence in the electoral process’s integrity; thus far, this confidence is understandably absent.

Litigation of the 2020 Presidential Race

With two weeks since November 3, litigation in the 2020 presidential election is still underway. In light of numerous whistleblower accounts, sworn affidavits, the unlawful prohibition of GOP poll watchers and more, reviews, recounts, and more audits are likely to come.

The Trump campaign continues to maintain that they will pursue every legal means to ensure the fairness and integrity of this election. Americans should keep their eyes peeled this week and in the weeks ahead as litigation plays out.

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