Republicans Unleash on Biden for Bombing Syria

"Joe Biden" by Ancho.

As the Biden presidency carries out, many Democrats are gradually realizing that Biden isn’t going to do much for them.

The $2,000 stimulus payments that Biden promised have since been slashed to $1,400; meanwhile, the president has put union workers into joblessness by ending the permit for Keystone Pipeline. Biden and congressional Democrats also haven’t made any headway on the $15 federal minimum wage that the left-wing highly favors.

“Don’t bomb Syria.” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by alisdare1

Instead of boosting the economy and creating jobs, President Biden has other priorities. These priorities, according to Newsmax, involve bombing Syria as a convoluted plot to send a message to the Islamic Republic.

What to Know About Biden Bombing Syria

While visiting Texas on Friday, the 46th president gave insight into what motivated his decision to launch airstrikes against Syria. Ultimately, Biden stated that Iran should “be careful” and understand that acting with impunity is a luxury that they do not have.

Since the bombing of Syria, multiple Iranian militants have perished. Ultimately, this a chess move on Biden’s end as he seeks for the Islamic Republic to be cautious in their dealings with allies of the U.S. in the Mideast.

Biden’s remarks about the bombing of Syria arrived while he visited a vaccination facility managed by the National Guard in Texas. The president’s visit to the Lone Star State arrived after more than a week of storms that burst water pipes, ruined power grids, and left a plethora of destruction in its wake.

Backlash from Conservatives

Conservatives and Republicans have some choice words regarding Biden’s decision to bomb Syria. Many on the right have noted the mainstream media’s convenient silence about this issue.

Others have pointed out that while Biden spends U.S. funds on bombing Syria, he still can’t find the money for the $2,000 stimulus payments that he promised to send out. Many Republicans are of the mindset that this current president’s priorities are screwed up and misaligned.

Yesterday, Biden reportedly refused a meeting with House Democrats seeking to discuss the bombing of Syria. The president’s decision to bomb Syria has furthermore led to certain conservatives worrying that actions like this could lead America into a war.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s choice to bomb Syria? Do you think this was a wise strategy or a rash, poorly-thought-out decision? Let us know your thoughts about the airstrikes launched at Syria in the comments section below.