Residents Are Fleeing San Diego in Droves

California’s problems continue to remain readily apparent for all to see. In real time, the state continues to deal with high living expenses, growing crime rates, and other issues.

California has stayed under the control of left-wing leaders for years upon years. The end result of leftist control hasn’t been good for the state or even various cities within it.

In Los Angeles, there are various homeless encampments that line the streets and beaches. Yet, rather than dealing with this, Los Angeles County recently instated a mask mandate.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, California, things have gotten so bad that record numbers of residents are moving out, according to Breitbart News.

Bad News For San Diego

Per the U.S. Census Bureau, 11,183 people left San Diego between July 2020 and July 2021. During this same timeframe, 262,000 people moved out of California altogether.

As it turns out, living expenses are playing a huge role in people leaving San Diego (and California, by extension). Many people simply can’t afford the growing costs just to survive.

Even with people leaving the state, it’s still raising its costs of living. Just last month, California Democrats shot down a GOP proposal to remove the gas tax.

Instead, Democratic legislators in the state determined that increasing the gas tax and increasing taxes on oil and gas companies would be a good idea.

COVID mandates are also a factor in why San Diego is losing residents. Many people aren’t keen on living in communities that keep mandates going in perpetuity. The idea of having to show a COVID vaccination card to eat at a restaurant isn’t all that appealing.

California has been very clear that indefinite mandates are the direction in which it’s going. Therefore, people who are not on board with this are literally moving out accordingly.

No Likely Changes in California

Despite all the people leaving San Diego and the greater state of California, no one should expect any real changes coming down the pipeline anytime soon. What’s happening in the state is exactly what most residents voted for.

On top of this, the people leaving are the ones who have a problem with the direction of living costs and other policies. Therefore, this shakes out to a greater concentration of voters in California who will repeatedly elect and re-elect Democrats.

Democrats in California have been very clear that they have no intention of rolling back living costs, ending mandates, or even tackling issues like crime and homelessness.

What’s happening in San Diego and other California cities today is therefore likely to continue.

What do you think about the rise of people who are leaving San Diego and California, as a whole? Please don’t hesitate to share your viewpoints in the comments feed.