Retired NYC Police Officer Warns Crime Will Likely Persist

New York City has a lot of issues that have been going on for quite some time and need to be addressed.

However, of all the issues facing the community, crime is a big problem. It’s also been a problem for no short timeframe.

During just this year alone, there have been viral stories of people being physically attacked or even murdered in New York City.

Meanwhile, businesses in the community are closing down and setting up shop elsewhere for the safety of their employees and to avoid shoplifters.

In light of all these details, much of the nation is wondering when things are finally going to settle down in New York City. However, a warning from a recently retired police officer does not bring good news, as The Blaze documents.

The Root of Crime in New York City

Scott Welsh was a member of the New York City Police Department for exactly 29 years. Naturally, being on the job as an officer for close to three decades gives him some insight into what’s really happening.

According to Welsh, the community’s overall sentiment that views police officers as the enemy is playing a huge role in NYC’s crime rates. The now-retired officer even admitted that towards the end of his service, he shied away from the job in various ways, due to low morale.

The former police officer then explained that despite NYC Mayor Eric Adams winning the election on a promise to end crime, this might not be entirely up to him.

Welsh explained while the mayor of New York City can work to lower crime in the community, if the people of the community aren’t able to have a healthy relationship with police officers, not much is going to change.

An Ongoing Pattern

New York City has been continuously electing Democrats to take control of their city. Then, as they grapple with problems like crime, homelessness, etc., the people wonder why nothing’s changed.

Here’s the truth of the matter: if New Yorkers continue to elect one Democrat after the other, it doesn’t really make any sense for them to expect real solutions in their communities.

Democrats have shown the public who they are.

Democrats are the party of defunding the police, ending cash bail, opening up prisons, giving criminals slaps on the wrist, demonizing police, and treating lawful gun owners as dangerous threats.

Any community that repeatedly votes for this should not be shocked when crime continues to fester and grow more dominant.

What do you think about the warning from one of New York City’s retired police officers? Do you think anti-police sentiment is contributing to massive rises in lawlessness? We’d like to know what you think in the comments area.