Rising Numbers of Guns Being Found at Airport Security Checkpoints

Over the course of 2021, there’s been a rise in Americans purchasing firearms. Many of these people are also first-time gun owners; they also include a record number of women and minorities venturing into gun ownership.

Additionally, growing amounts of people are applying for concealed carry permits and taking firearms training classes. Amid crime sprees across different parts of America and with the world itself getting more unpredictable, people want to be able to protect themselves.

Many people opt to travel with their firearms as well. When traveling via air, people with firearms must declare their gun to the airline and sign a declaration form. Furthermore, the firearm must be unloaded and in a locked, hardcase box without any ammunition.

Flying with firearms the proper and legal way is fairly simple; however, Fox Business reports that over the course of 2021 alone, there’s been a growing number of guns being found in carry-on bags, something which is rigorously prohibited.

Firearms Found at Airport Security Checkpoints

The Transportation Security Administration reports over 5,700 guns being confiscated at airports, due to them not being correctly declared in checked baggage and instead being brought in carry-on bags via airport security.

On top of this, almost nine in ten of the guns collected by TSA in carry-on bags were also loaded. Attempting to bring firearms through airport security (instead of declaring it to the airline in checked baggage) is grounds for fines to the tune of $13,900 and possibly being arrested.

Some of the airports reporting high levels of guns being found at security checkpoints include the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the Atlanta International Airport, etc.

According to TSA, it’s getting increasingly more common for people to try bringing firearms through airport security checkpoints and in carry-on bags. Throughout 2021 alone, the travel agency says they’ve confiscated more guns than they have in 20 years.

More from TSA

Amid the rise in this trend, TSA is weighing in on what they believe is driving people to bring guns through security checkpoints, rather than traveling with them the proper way.

David Pekoske, a Transportation Security Administrator, stated it is ultimately a reflection of what’s happening in the United States as a whole.

Pekoske additionally warned that people who attempt to transport guns via airports in an improper manner are referred to law enforcement as well.

Ultimately, it’s not worth it to try to get firearms through airport security in carry-on bags. This is especially the case when the legal way of traveling with a firearm is simple and effortless.

Why do you believe so many people are trying to get firearms through airport security in carry-on bags when there’s a simple, legal means of traveling with guns? Let us know below in the comments area.