Ron DeSantis Slams Failed Leftist Policies in Illinois

The failure of left-wing policies in blue states continues to play out for all to see. Right now, Americans are witnessing Democrat-led communities struggle with all sorts of problems. At the top of the list are crime, homelessness, drug use, and more.

At the same time, blue states are seeing more and more residents leave for states that are either red or purple. Ultimately, more Americans are coming around to the reality that in places where Democrats have a monopoly on power, chaos tends to ensue.

In a recent speech, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took the liberty of calling out the failed policies that have infected Illinois, as reported by PJ Star.

Can’t Argue With the Facts

As one of the Lincoln Day Dinner’s keynote speakers, DeSantis slammed his Illinois counterpart, J.B. Pritzker, along with other leftists who have opened their arms to destructive policies.

The Florida governor rightfully pointed out that when Pritzker embraced harsh shutdowns for the people of his state, the Illinois governor also sent his own family to reside in Florida.

Furthermore, DeSantis criticized Illinois Democrats for high taxes and soft-on-crime policies that enable lawbreakers to run amuck. The Florida governor was also clear in stating that “woke ideology” is bringing continuous harm to Illinois communities.

Speculations About 2024

As Ron DeSantis travels across the country to give various speeches and attend events, this is fueling speculations that he’ll eventually announce his candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.

So far, DeSantis hasn’t confirmed that he plans to run for the White House. Though it’s not something he’s taken off the table, either.

In fact, various PACs backing DeSantis (such as Never Back Down, Ron to the Rescue, Ready for Ron, etc.) continue to emerge. Americans will have to wait and see what comes next for the Florida governor as his political stock continues to rise.