Saule Omarova Withdraws Her Nomination to Lead OCC

Saule Omarova is the individual President Biden nominated to be in charge of America’s Office of Comptroller of the Currency. It goes without saying that as a banking regulator, Omarova would have immense power in the United States.

Amid some digging into Omarova, it became readily apparent how disastrous having her lead the OCC would be for America. For one thing, Omarova declared her aim to eradicate the use of private banking in the country.

That’s not all, though. Biden’s OCC nominee also boasted of her interest in seeing the energy industry fall to bankruptcy as a means of combating climate change. This has caused massive uproar from not just Republican senators, but even some moderate Senate Democrats as well.

Amid the backlash, Omarova opted to withdraw her nomination as a potential OCC leader altogether, as documented by Fox Business.

No Viable Path Forward for Omarova

Despite having the odd backing of Biden and his White House, Omarova ultimately saved herself and others a lot of time by exiting this process altogether.

During confirmation hearings held in the Senate, Omarova was faced with questions about her rhetoric on private banking and the energy industry. When put on the spot, Biden’s nominee attempted to downplay her previous remarks.

Thankfully, however, our nation’s senators saw through this. Republicans in the Senate made it clear they would never vote for someone who wants to cease private banking and shutter the energy industry.

Moderate Democrats in the Senate also conveyed that Omarova’s remarks went a bridge too far for comfort, hence making them unwilling to vote her into the OCC.

Therefore, with bipartisan opposition against Omarova in an evenly split Senate, her chances of leading the Office of Comptroller of the Currency faded away.

An Important Warning for America

Omarova’s demise is saving the nation from unspeakable horrors. However, the mere fact that she even came close to leading our country’s OCC is very bad news.

It shows the Biden administration is not opposed to sentiment involving the destruction of energy production and private banking. The important warning here is that the nation is dealing with far-left radicals in the White House.

For the sake of all Americans and for freedom at large, the Biden administration needs to be stopped. The courts have blocked the COVID vaccine mandates to come from the White House. Congress subsequently led to Omarova exiting stage left.

Between now and 2024, this administration is going to try pulling many more stunts. It is clear that Biden has no limits and will go as far down the path of left-wing extremism as he can.

Are you glad that Saule Omarova is officially out as a nominee to head the OCC? We’re excited to learn all about your thoughts in the comments section.