Second Amendment Saves Lives at Texas Cookout

Second Amendment Saves Lives at Texas Cookout

( – The Left would have you think that firearms never, ever save anyone. Those of you who exercise your right to bear arms, however, know that isn’t true and you have been proven right again. Just recently, the Second Amendment helped to save lives in Texas.

The Dallas Police Department reported that one of the three suspects attempted to rob people at a cookout was shot dead. According to police, the three individuals approached the cookout group in a front yard and two of the criminals threatened them with weapons. Unfortunately for the suspects, Texas does not infringe on its citizens’ rights.

So, a licensed handgun owner shot one of the robbers.

The other two fled the scene and left their mortally wounded cohort behind — they haven’t been captured yet. Detectives interviewed the 25-year-old hero and released him afterward.

This incident once again proves that good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns.

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